This beautifully surrealistic and elegant film is a result of a collaboration between Andres Serrano and John Santerineross. A superb example of dark Romanticism. Music by Brutus Faust and Blow Up Hollywood. Brilliantly edited by Vincent V.

This video is in memory of Joe Sarno, the filmmaker, who passed on shortly after allowing use of this film footage from “Flesh and Lace”. “Love Letters,” a retooling of the original classic by Ketty Lester, is a captivating glimpse back to yesteryear set to the music of Brutus Faust. Brilliantly edited by NY film editor Vincent V.

Music Video for the Brutus Faust song “Goo Goo GaGa.” The film consists mostly of black&white footage from the 1940′s, with additional photography by the highly acclaimed Francesco Carrozzini. Brilliantly edited by NY film editor Vincent V.